Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pecan Creek Boutique

Hey friends-

I know I know it has been forever since I last posted.  Life has been super crazy this year.  We started our own business doing landscaping, and I have been experimenting with a lot of foodie things to keep my sanity up.  We also found out that we have another bun in the oven!!! Yep you heard me, number 6 is on its way.  We couldn't be happier! We are so excited!  Morning sickness is in full force right now, which has also prolonged any posting, but rest assured, I am bound and determined to get back in the saddle after the holidays and get some yummy recipes for you that I have been working on.

Right now, I am excited to announce that in a month and a half I will be participating in my very first Boutique!  It's called the Pecan Creek Boutique.  Here is the link to their blog.  Also, stop on over to their Facebook page to enter an amazing giveaway that they are having. (the link is on their blog)

I will be selling my famous Tamales there, for the holidays.  I know what you are thinking... why would I buy the tamales when her recipe is on the blog?  Well, I will tell you why.... one... Have you ever made tamales? Tons of work... enough said... lol.  Let me do the work for you! Also, I've been playing around with the recipes a little and made them even better. AND if that doesn't convince you, then come get the other 2 kinds that I have available that are not posted yet.  I'm not the kind of person that refuses to share a recipe. I think its lame.  I'll get around to posting the others, someday, but for now... COME TO THE BOUTIQUE!

I am also going to be selling my cheese balls and salsa. Super yummy, super good time!

The boutique will be on Nov 17th from 8 am-1 pm.  They have some amazing vendors. I am so excited to be a part of it.  So come on over and get some Christmas shopping done.  Don't forget to check out their blog for more information. See you there!