Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hey Ya'll!!!! Guess what... I'm Back!  So funny story...  My page was getting loads of spam and my email was getting hacked so I changed the security settings and my email password.  I then forgot my email password so I was locked out of making posts! UGH.  The idea of starting over was too overwhelming. Then my amazing husband figured out how to get a new password. Long story as to why it didn't look possible to me, but anyway... he did it!  So, I'm back!  I have some amazing recipes for ya. my postings will still be sparatic because hey, mommy with 6 kids... it is crazy around here!!!! Keep checking back, or follow the blog so it will tell you when a new post is up.  I'll post my first one asap!

Thanks for all of your patience with the lame searching issues and everything. I'm on it, so you can search for your favorite recipes again!