Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nutella Snacks

If you have not yet discovered Nutella, you are totally missing out!!!  The first time I tried this delectable treat was when I was visiting Mozambique with a group called Care For Life. They are an amazing non profit organization that goes to Mozambique and teaches the people the skills they need to have a better chance of survival.

One night we were all sitting around chatting about the next days events out came the Nutella from someones suitcase.  We ate in on a regular ol piece of bread, and I'll tell ya, that bread wasn't so regular after that!  Delicious!!!

One day, about a year ago, Nutella came back into my life. My mom had made some snacks for us while we were hanging at their house.  She made the usual, celery with peanut butter and then decided to try some nutella on the celery.  Man oh Man was it good!  This is a super easy after school snack for your kids! Give it a try, everything is better when Nutella is involved!

Nutella Snacks


Wash celery and cut into desired size pieces.  Spread Nutella into the groove of the celery stick.  Scarf!

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