Monday, May 23, 2011

Kabobs on the Grill

We experimented with a few flavors while grilling this week.  We had a night of Kabobs and made them a few different ways.  My favorite was the chili lime kabobs.  My husband didn't measure as he went, so this recipe is just an estimate.  Have fun with it and see what you can come up with.  I also really like the teriyaki ones.   The olive oil ones weren't my favorite, but I think I just under salted it. It needs more salt than you think for all of those veggies and meats.

We also found that by putting them on the bottom rack, even on low heat, the veggies were done and burning before the meat was done. So, we put them on the top rack this time and had much better success.  We hooked the skewers into the back of the top rack and laid them side by side, so that we could fit more of them on there. It worked out perfectly!

Kabobs on the Grill

Use any type of meat you desire- shrimp, chicken, or beef etc.
Vegetables- peppers, onions, zucchini, yellow squash, etc
Fruits- pineapple, tomatoes etc

For all kabobs: Cube meat, vegetables and fruit. Coat them with desired seasonings.(see below)  Skewer them one by one, in desired order.  Grill on top rack at medium low heat until cooked through.  (cooking times will vary depending on size and types of meat and vegetables.)

Tip:  If using wooden skewers, soak them in cold water for 30 min. so they don't burn.  

Chili Lime Kabobs

1 Tbsp lime juice
1/8 cup water
About a tsp of Salt
1/2 Anaheim pepper chopped fine

Toss meat and veggies with sauce (makes about 3 kabobs)

Teriyaki Kabobs

Terryaki Baste and glaze

Coat meat and veggies with desired amount of Teriyaki Baste and Glaze (I like Kikkomans).

Olive Oil Kabobs

Olive oil

Coat meat and vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper.  (don't skimp on the salt)

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