Saturday, March 12, 2011

Diaper Cakes and Pacifiers

This week we had a baby shower for two of my sister-in-laws. One is having a boy and one is having a girl. We had a good time.  I enjoyed making the decorations for the showers.  Although these decorations aren't edible, I decided to post them anyway.  I made a really cute diaper cake.  We decided to make one diaper cake and use it for both showers. I made the base ribbon black and then just changed the bows.  It was super cute!

 I also made little pacifiers to put on the table. I made these out of life savers.  My mom showed me these and I love making them. They are so easy!  They are made with the mint lifesavers and good and plenty.

Diaper Cake

You will need about 125-150 diapers depending on the size.  I used about 150 of the size 1-2 diapers from Costco. Take a diaper and roll it up, starting at the open end, rolling towards the folded end. Tie it with about 5-6 inches of very thin ribbon.  Continue doing that to each diaper.  Some people use glue. I think this is a waste because if you are going to spend an arm and a leg on diapers, the least you can do it make it so the mommy can use them!

When you get enough for the bottom layer, (about 75-85 or so. Again, depending on how big you want it... ) Arrange them in a large circle. It helps to have a few extra hands on this step. Wrap with a fat ribbon I used 1  1/2 inch. ribbon. Tie it tight.  I like to save a couple extra diapers to add in after I tie off the layer. Then I add them in to the bunch, making them fit even more snug.

Continue doing that for each layer. I like to keep my layers separate so that I can arrange it on the table when I get to the shower.  Some people add something into the middle to connect each tier. Some use tall baby shampoo bottles or thick wooden dowels. There's really no right or wrong to it.

Add bows, toys or baby products to spruce up the cake.

Life Saver Pacifiers

Step one: Take two Life Savers and lay them next to each other like this.  Make sure that the one on the right, has the wording (Life Saver) facing to the right. This way it will not show as much.

Step two:  Fill the hole in the lifesaver to the right with hot glue glue.

Step three: Place a Good and Plenty candy inside the hole. Hold it firmly for a few seconds. I like to use the pink ones for the girls and white for the boys.

Step four: Tie a small bow with pink or blue ribbon and hot glue it to the pacifier.

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Whitney Hemsath said...

super cute pacifier treats! Another timesaver tip for the diaper cake -- use rubberbands instead of thin ribbon or glue. A large bag only costs a a buck or so, and it is easier to roll and secure, especially if you're by yourself!