Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Creative on a budget: Coupon Sense

I am sure that many of you have heard stories about people who walk out of the store with hundreds of dollars in groceries and only paying a couple dollars for tax.  The stories are true.  I have done similar shopping trips myself. 

I have tried out many coupon helper sites out there. There are personal blogs,  and all kinds of sites online that can help you with couponing.  I've found that Coupon Sense has the most to offer.  I tried the free sites thinking I could do the work on my own.  My savings went down and spending went up.  I've recently joined
Coupon Sense again and in the first week saved over $50 in coupons. And I did things the lazy way that week.

The thing I like about Coupon Sense vs the other sites, is that they give you all of the best deals and you can compare which place you want to use. All you have to do is click on a item and it will immediately add it to your shopping list.  You then print off the list, it tells you the coupons to cut, the store it goes for, the item, it's price and the "deal" price when you use the coupon.  Seriously it's a HUGE time saver.  With Four kids and one on the way, I don't have the time or energy to do all of the steps it takes to do couponing. They do all the thinking for you.  They have an awesome system of filing the coupons so when it's time to clip, the numbers take you right to the exact coupon.  It's awesome... 

You really have to give it a try. You can try it for only $4 the first month too.  That is an amazing deal!
I also like that they send out an email every Wednesday with the new deals of the week. They even tell you which coupons are about to expire.  I tell you they have thought of everything.  Plus, they have professionals that post the deals. A huge difference from just any random person trying to pull it all together.  They also have a connection with the newspaper that will give you a great deal on multiple Sunday papers.

Give it a try and don't forget to mention my name as the person who referred you. Jennie Plastow. 

Here is one of my deals that I have gotten in the past
Total: $ 3.40 plus tax

Hefty foam plates... 3 of the 50 pack 0.10 each! (I had a manufactures coupon to make them .50 each and then there was coupons on the package for .40 off as well. When one is a manufactures coupon and the other is a product coupon, you can stack them! )

Hefty Foam bowls...same thing 0.10 each
Protein bars- 6 of them for FREE.
Hot dogs-8 pkgs 0.09 each
Candy bars: 6 at 0.25 each
Weber Grill seasonings 6 for FREE
Kraft BBQ sauce 2 the extra large size FREE
Kraft Dressing 4 at 0.17 each (got 2 free ones earlier last week)
Dial soap 3 for 0.25 each 6 for FREE
Should have gotten all 9 free, but didn't realize I had 3 coupons floating around. my disorganization messed me up! ha ha
Crab classics 2 for FREE
Cool Whip 2 for FREE

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