Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star Spangled Jello Sandwiches

Here is another fun and festive treat for you!  I have to give the credit of this one, to my sweet hubby.  He's so creative! This is such a fun thing for the kids to be able to participate in making.  My kids just LOVE Jello!

Star Spangled Jello Sandwiches

2 (3 oz) boxes of Strawberry Jello
2 (3 Oz) boxes of Berry Blue Jello
Cool whip
2 9X9 cake pans

Make Jello colors separately. Boil 1 cup of water.  Stir in strawberry gelatin. Remove from heat. Stir about 2 minutes until dissolved. Add in 3/4 cup ice water.  Stir well.  Pour into a 9x9 pan and refrigerate until set.  Do the same with the Berry Blue Jello.  With cookie cutters, cut out stars. Brush cool whip onto the blue star and top with a red star. Top with more whip cream. (I used my flower tip from my cake decorating kit.)  Refrigerate until time to serve.

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