Friday, July 22, 2011

Watermelon Bombe and a GIVEAWAY

I have two special treats for ya today.  First is a recipe for a watermelon bombe.  I'm not sure why it's called that but it is. I remember making this with my mom when I was a kid.  My kids enjoyed making it with me.  We especially loved eating it!  

You can use any kind of ice cream or sorbet that you want.  I liked using sorbet. The flavor combo was yummy!

Now on to the best part of this post... are you ready... man it was hot today, wasn't it... ok just kidding. On to our giveaway!  This one comes to you from a friend of mine who is a cupcake GENIUS!  I finally got to try her delights and they are fabulous!!! Not only do they taste amazing, but they look amazing! Her company is called Tapaita's Gourmet Delights.  Her website is under construction so this was a link to her Facebook page.  You have simply got to check this girl out!

For our giveaway, she will be giving you a dozen of her mini cupcakes. 

These cupcakes are from a party she did! Aren't they beautiful?  Yours won't have the gems on them, (cause they had to do with the theme of the party.) She can make anything from brownies to birthday cakes to wedding cakes! She has also offered to do a giveaway for your blog if you have a food blog! 

The clincher for this giveaway, is that you have to be local to the east valley.  You will need to arrange to pick them up, as they won't ship very easy.

Here's how to enter: You will receive an entry for each of the following. 
1: "like" my FB page
2: refer a friend who "likes" my FB page. 
3: "like" her FB page.

Leave me a comment telling me which of those that you have done.  If you already "like" my fb page... leave a comment with your favorite recipe that I have posted so far.  Got it?  You have until Wednesday night to enter!

Now on to our recipe for the day...

Watermelon Bombe

1 Pint lime sherbet
1 Pint Pineapple sherbet (I only used about half of this one)
1 Pint raspberry sherbet
¼ C. semi-sweet chocolate chips

Line 1 ½ Qt. bowl with piece of aluminum foil, 15/12 inches. Soften lime sherbet slightly, press sherbet evenly against bottom and side of foil lined bowl.  Freeze uncovered until firm, about 1 hour.

Soften pineapple sherbet slightly and spread evenly over lime sherbet. Freeze uncovered about 30 minutes. (lime and pineapple sherbet layers should be thin.)

Soften raspberry sherbet slightly and pack in center of sherbet-lined bowl. Smooth top to resemble cut watermelon. Cover and freeze until firm, about 8 hours.

Just before serving, uncover sherbet. Place serving plate on bowl and invert. Remove bowl and peel off aluminum foil. Cut bomb into wedges and press a few chocolate chips into raspberry section of each slice for watermelon seeds.


Anonymous said...

I "like" both pages already. And I LOVE you cinnamon roll recipe : )
-Stephanie Greer

Anonymous said...

I like both pages already too. The only recipe I've actually made so far not counting the cooking classes is your Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were fantastic and I'm such a sucker for a good cookie!
-Christine Morris

Anonymous said...

Is it because I used poor grammer and it looks like I was just sucking up telling you I love you!?! Haha! Is that why you aren't counting my entry? Regardless, I DO love you AND your cinnamon roll recipe : )
-Stephanie Greer

Whitney Hemsath said...

So I think I already have your and Tapaita's page liked. I couldn't see a "like" button anywhere, so I assum I'm already on the liking list. I commented on her site, just to make sure she knew I was there. Anyway, it's hard to pick a favorite recipe, I will have to narrow it down to the Brigham's donut recipe, because I can't see that recipe without thinking of your generosity in handing out plates of these, and it inspires me to be more giving as well. That one or this new Watermelon Ice Cream one, because the picture alone makes me happy and I can't wait to try it out for a party or something!

Brianne said...

I like your fb page! I'm super psyched about crockpot week!I really want to try the one you posted today! Yum!

Brianne said...

I like her cupcake fb page. Fun stuff!

Chad and Mindy said...

I think I have already liked your fb page because that option doesn't come up when I visit it. I don't know if my favorite recipe is the pepperoncini poppers or your cinnamon rolls. I only make your cinnamon rolls now. I also liked your friends fb page. I hope I win!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite by far is the coconut rice. Ever since I made a batch, I actually crave it at random times, but I enjoyed the lasagna roll-ups, the ranch chicken, the malibu chicken, the raspberry-chipoltle meatballs, and the apple turnovers - YUM! In other words, I like everything :)
Rachel Durrant

Fonua Family said...

I have liked your page and Tapaitas Gourmet Delights page back since its inception :) I am a loyal fan of both. One of my favorite recipes, it was so hard to choose just one! But I LOVE your cinnamon rolls. Thank you Jennie! I sure hope I WIN!! :D

Karolienkie said...

I hope I still make it...

Entry 1 - Check
Entry 3 - Check

So exciting.. Fun stuff. My favorite recipe I tried of yours so far was the Mango Salsa.. hmmmm.