Friday, January 13, 2012


It's about that time for another Giveaway!!  This time I have a real treat for you.  The prize is a free pass to our next cooking class!!!  We are doing some amazing dishes.  Lasagna, Macaroni and Cheese and Bagel Bite Pizzas.  The class costs $35.  If you win this giveaway, it's yours for FREE!!! 

This giveaway is just for the locals. Sorry. Unless you are willing to travel :)  Or fly me and my family to you for a one on one class.  hehehe

There are two ways to win this prize...

1) leave a comment telling me 2 new dishes that you would like me to post a recipe for.

2) email me at with YOUR favorite recipe that you would like me to try. Then leave a comment with the name of the recipe, for others to see.

This giveaway ends at Midnight Wednesday night.  Check back Thursday morning for the results.


Whitney Hemsath said...

Two recipes I'd love to see you post: 1 - Something with tuna fish (other than tuna salad/tuna melts). Tuna noodle broccoli casserole maybe?
2- German pancakes, preferably with apples, but a good basic german pancake recipe by itself would be great too. I ate some once somewhere that had apples in it and they were amazing.

Whitney Hemsath said...

Okay, I'm sending you a recipe for homemade ice cream that does NOT require an ice cream maker.

Brianne said...

What a super fun giveaway!!!

I would love recipes for any crockpot meals. And another one with green chilies. We are kinda obsessed with the burritos!

Brianne said...

Sending you a recipe for the best soup ever - potato cheese. Yum!