Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thrifty Week day 2- Fabric Softener

We have been potty training this week.  The absolute worst part about potty training for me, is the clean up.  The laundry that never seems to get that smell out, no matter how many times you wash them.  I put my daughter down for a nap today and she left me a present.  Nope not a wet present.  Yeah, you know what I'm talking about!  Those smells never seem to come out, with my old washer and dryer! The sheets and clothes always seem to smell stale or something after I wash them. 

Or don't you love those weeks where the laundry piles up and is the last thing on your list?  Then you remember that you have wet towels in the pile from mopping the floor, or bath time. Then all of the clothes wreak. Well Never Fear, relief is on the way.

Vinegar has got to be the greatest cleaner known to man!  I'll be sharing many vinegar tips the next few days.  I use it for canning, cleaning, and even yeast overgrowth. This stuff is amazing!

My mom told me about using vinegar in my rinse cycle of the washing machine.  It works as a fabric softener. It helps keep the washing machine and the hoses clean. My favorite part is that it takes out odors. Who would have thought that nasty smelling vinegar, takes out odors.  I challenge anyone who doesn't believe me, to come take a whiff of the sheets I just washed.  You'll never know what was on them. :) 

1 Cup vinegar

Add to your rinse cycle to reduce odors, and soften fabrics. 
You can also do this and run an empty cycle, for a good washing machine clean.  (same with the dishwasher)

The Duggar family also suggests this as another fabric softener suggestion, to stretch the budget.

1  Container of Name Brand Fabric Softener
4  Inexpensive sponges, cut in half

Pour entire container of softener into a 5 gallon bucket. Fill empty softener container with water twice. (2 parts water to 1 part softener) Add sponges to softener/water mixture. When ready to use wring out extra mixture from one sponge and add to the dryer as you would a dryer sheet. 

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Julie Snow said...

Thank you for another great tip! I also love using vinegar for my hardwood floors! I mix it 1:1 vinegar and water. It evaproates quickly and cleans nicely!

Jennie said...

Julie- thanks for being a faithful viewer! That's so funny you wrote that about your floors. That's on my list to post later this week :)