Friday, January 27, 2012

My Apologies

I have been trying to earn a little extra cash to help cover some of my food costs, by having some advertisements on here.  There have been some that have been very inappropriate and offensive.  I tried getting in contact with the company to get them to take them off.  The truth is, I gave them too long of a chance to get it taken care of, in hopes they would take the offensive ones off and leave the coupons.  I should have just dropped them the second I saw them on there... I apologize for not doing that!  I am so sorry for those that have been offended by them.  I have removed them.  I do have two ads still on there from google.  I have not yet seen those be offensive, but confess that I don't look at them often, as I am not allowed to click on them.  So if you see anything offensive or inappropriate, please let me know!

Again I am so sorry.  I'll just have to find another way to make different recipes on a budget.  Thanks everyone for your comments and for viewing my blog.  I really enjoy doing it.  I've tried replying to your comments, I hope I have caught them all. So if you ask a question or anything, make sure to check back at the comments for my reply. 

Love to all and hope you have a fabulous day!!!

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