Monday, February 21, 2011

Grape Salad

It's salad week here at Mommy's Kitchen Creations!  I've got some super yummy selections for you this week. I've got a wide variety of salads for you all.  Today's recipe comes from my dear mother.  She used to make this Grape Salad for dinner parties. We even had it at my sisters wedding.

The number one key to this recipe is to choose FIRM red seedless grapes.  Mushy grapes are disgusting in this dish! So make sure to pick through and get all of the mushy ones out. Also take out all of those little stems that like to sneak in. The second key to this dish, is to soften the cream cheese to room temperature. Make sure beat it by itself and then beat in the other ingredients. Every time I add everything all at once... the cream cheese end up lumpy. I'm not sure why but it does. 
Grape Salad

1 (8 oz) package cream cheese (softened to room temp)
1 jar of marshmallow cream
1 (8oz) tub of cool whip
1 bag of firm purple grapes (de-stemmed)

With an electric mixer, blend cream cheese well. Add marshmallow cream and cool whip. Mix together and fold in grapes. Serve as a side dish or a dessert.

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